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Gotta Collect Em All was created on May 4th 2016. The Founder and CEO of GCEA has been an avid player and collector of the TCG since it hit the shelves in America back in 1999 and still is to this day. promises to deliver all of your purchases with haste while assuring your order is correct and in an appropriate condition. Any merchandise we receive that is damaged is returned, we don't want to sell you damaged goods. If it's not good enough for us then it's definitely not good enough for our customers.

Even card singles are evaluated thoroughly to determine if a card is considered Near Mint or Played. More about card singles conditions can be found on our FAQ.

Our Mission is to "Provide the most convenient customer experience, while having the most expansive Pokémon inventory ever."

We plan to grow tenfold over the next few years in many areas. It will be a fun ride and we're excited for you to come along.

 Gotta Collect Em All operates out of Chantilly, VA.



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