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Simple rules to sell your collection to Gotta Collect Em All

  1. You must be at least 18 years old or have a parent/legal guardian's approval
  2. You must have a account
  3. If selling bulk commons and uncommons at least 25% must be uncommons
  4. Your collection must be valued at $25 or higher
  5. Bulk must be sorted by sets
  6. All Bulk must be Near Mint, we don't pay for bulk that isn't
  7. Conditions must be noted on rarer cards if not Near Mint

If you're looking to sell your collection then you've come to the right place. We're interested in anything Pokémon related; Cards, Sealed Boxes, Figures, Movies, Uncut Sheets & More!


Current Bulk Rates As Of 9/2/2016

Commons & Uncommons - 4¢

Rares - 10¢

Reverse Holos - 10¢

Holo Rares - 15¢

Promos - 15¢

BREAKs - 25¢


You can get started by sending an email to or hitting the "Contact Us" button on the bottom right of your screen. To get started let us know approximately how many cards you want to sell and a breakdown of how much is bulk/rare cards(Ultra Rares, Secret Rares, Crystal, Gold Star etc.) Also you need to let us know what sets your bulk is from.

Once we reply we will either approve your collections or ask for more information. Once approved you will ship your collection to us and we will verify the contents. Throughout this process there are various things we look at that may change the value of your collection. We need to make sure your cards meet our condition standards and are authentic. The verification process takes a different amount of time depending on your collection, most are verified within 14 business days, larger collections can take longer. If everything checks out you will receive the payment discussed via email. It's that simple!


Payments will be sent within 10 business days after your cards are verified. We can send payments to you in the following forms

  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Pokébucks (Store Credit)

If getting paid via Pokébucks we will pay 20% more of the value determined.


Packing Rules:

  • Cards can't be packed in binders, binder pages or any kind of sleeve/holder. This will help expedite the time it takes for us to verify the content of your collection. Failure to adhere may result in your cards being returned or 20% devaluation of the price discussed. In certain cases having cards in sleeves/holders is acceptable, just never for bulk.
  • We suggest adding both delivery confirmation and insurance to your shipment. is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.
  • When packing your cards especially bulk please have them boxed in another box and tight. Don't allow any space between the cards and the box to prevent them from shift during transit. Double boxing is STRONGLY suggested when send lots of cards.


If you follow those simple rules above we should receive everything fine and be able to verify everything without any problems. I can't tell you how often we've received collections with large portions damaged due to improper shipping. So many good cards lost.



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